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How to find the right obedience class for your pet

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Pet obedience training can seem very overwhelming and finding the right obedience class for your pet can be tricky. With so many options available, it's important to know what would be the best fit for you and your pet. Each pet has different needs and personalities that play a role in finding the best training environment.

For new pet owners, it is important to remember that the biggest portion of obedience training is forming a relationship before and during training. We recommend forming this relationship early and starting training as early as possible, ideally while the pet is still a puppy. While teaching an old dog new tricks is possible, it is much easier to instill good habits and obedience when the dog is young. For young dogs, group obedience classes can be a great fit to not only train your dog, but also to encourage socialization with other dogs. Group classes typically last about an hour and are ongoing for multiple weeks.

K9 bootcamps are another great option for dogs of any age, especially if they have a more bold personality. Bootcamps utilize longer training hours per day for a shorter period of time to truly immerse your pet in the training environment with limited distractions.

Finally, one-on-one training can be a great learning option for the pet and handler. This type of training allows for more focused time to reinforce new skills and focus on breaking of any bad habits. One-on-one training can vary in lengths of time. These types of classes can be temporary for a few hours a week for a small period of time, or can be great long term for maintenance of skills.

Exploring different classes can be a great idea to see where your pet thrives before committing to a long term program. While you may be unsure of what option is the best fit for your pet, know that you are already making the right decision by exploring opportunities and investing the time in training your pet!

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