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5 most important commands to teach your dog

When first dipping your toe into obedience training, there are multiple different commands you can teach your pet, but at the end of the which are the most important to start with? Which commands will serve you and your pet best throughout their lives? We've listed below the top 5 most important obedience commands and how to get started with training.


Teaching your dog to sit is one of the easiest commands, all it takes is being consistent and praising your dog when they follow the command. Start by holding a treat in front of your dog and slowly raise it up. As you raise the treat, your dogs nose will follow and in turn their back end will lower to the ground. Once it touches the ground, say the command 'sit' and give them the treat. It's important to praise when the command is executed.


Start with your dog on a leash, gently pull them closer to you while saying the command 'come'. Once the dog has reached you, reward them with a treat and praise. After practicing this command a few times, try it without the leash!


This can be one of the more difficult commands as well as the most important. It takes lots of practice, but can be mastered. Start with a treat in your hand and allow your dog to see/sniff it. Slowly lower the treat to the ground and slide it towards you will saying 'down'. When your dog has reached the down position, give them the treat!


Before learning this command, make sure your dog has mastered the 'sit' command. This is key to moving on to this command. Start by telling your dog to 'sit', Hold your hand up with your palm facing the dog and say the command 'stay'. Slowly back up a few steps while repeating the command. Give them the treat if they stay while you back up a couple of steps. Repeat this and increase the amount of steps you take back each time. Make sure to reward your pup for staying even if its just a few seconds, it takes time to build this skill!

Leave It

This command is a great way to keep your curious pup safe and out of trouble. You'll need two treats for this command, one in each hand. Show your dog the treat in one hand first, then enclose the treat in your fist. Say the command 'leave it'. Your dog may sniff, paw, or bark at the treat, but allow them to check it out without eating it. Once they've stopped showing interest in the treat, give them the treat from the opposite hand. This takes some repetition for your dog to no longer show interest in the first treat as they know the second treat is coming if they ignore the first.

The most important thing to remember about obedience training is to be consistent and continue practicing at short intervals every day. No dog will learn these commands overnight, so continued practice will help them master the commands. It can also be helpful to join an obedience class or seek out a professional trainer to help teach your pet and learn how to practice these commands with your pet. Phoenix K9 Services offers many levels of obedience training to get your dog started on the right paw and grow their skills over time. Reach out today for more information regarding training your pet!

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